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Highest Quality International title for Galan Logistics.

Highest Quality International title for Galan Logistics. The Gold QI Emblem symbolises the excellent results of our company and the whole team. Winning the award…

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The advantages of warehousing and distribution from a Galan Logistics logistics centre.

In Galan Logistics, together with the development of transport services, we have become convinced that in order to carry out projects accurately and professionally, appropriate…

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Galan Logistics – How to successfully ship goods to difficult markets?

When transporting goods, one of the most important aspects is to check what kind of documents and approvals are required in the delivery country. Using…

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Galan Logistics – Transport Norway.

Norway is well known for being one of the richest countries in the world, but did you know that Norway also has the highest waterfall…

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Galan Logistics Trains Employees.

At Galan Logistics we care about constantly improving our qualifications and acquiring new knowledge, which is why we #trainimyself. After all, you can never have…

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