04 Nyheter

The advantages of warehousing and distribution from a Galan Logistics logistics centre.


In Galan Logistics, together with the development of transport services, we have become convinced that in order to carry out projects accurately and professionally, appropriate warehouse space is necessary – says Konrad Gałan CEO Galan Logictics. Hence, we decided to build our own warehouse space. Thanks to this, our customers can be sure of timely deliveries and optimal transport processes.

Warehouses are no longer a trend but a real need that can be seen around the world. It is generated, for example, by the dynamic development of the e-commerce sector. Therefore, the location of the facility in the immediate vicinity of a large city makes the distribution of goods much easier – emphasizes Konrad Gałan.

What are the advantages of warehouse and distribution from our logistics centre?

  • the possibility of short-term and long-term storage,
  • possibility of loading and unloading,
  • the possibility of transshipment of bulky goods, including the possibility of unloading/loading of one element of practically the length of a semi-trailer and weighing up to 7 tons,
  • possibility of storing ADR materials,
  • completion and distribution of groupage shipments,
  • management of goods in the warehouse, documentation and returnable packaging.

In Galan Logistics we adhere to the principle that for our clients the warehouse service is to be a support at each stage of the transport process. We care about the flow of materials, their storage to be the most efficient and financially beneficial. Timely execution of shipments, high turnover of goods, optimum stock levels – these are the key issues of the entire warehouse service. Warehouse logistics management today is a multi-faceted challenge. In order for the warehouse service to be optimal for the customer and for us, it is necessary to use proven solutions.

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