04 Nyheter

Sport and business together.


What do practising sport and achieving business success have in common? Thanks to systematic training we learn determination, which is very helpful in business relations, emphasises Konrad Gałan, CEO of Galan Logistics. That is why we are so keen on sports in the company, as well as supporting sports teams or events. I personally believe that sport is an elixir of health, it triggers the production of endorphins, which are a natural source of positive energy. We work more efficiently, more creatively, and everyday challenges become much easier, I have been convinced of this many times – adds Konrad Gałan. New ideas also appear faster. We are very pleased that we can be a partner of the Szczecin Cycling Club. This discipline is a special example of strength and determination for us. We wish the members of the Club many successes in the new season.