04 Nyheter

Health on the road. How to stay in shape behind the wheel?


It is not easy to keep in shape when you spend most of your time behind the wheel or at your desk. A poor diet and lack of exercise are the easiest recipes for health problems. How to keep in shape behind the wheel? According to the “Health of Professional Drivers Report” prepared by the Truckers Life Foundation, 67% of men and 15% of women working as professional drivers are overweight or obese. This is why at Galan Logistics we particularly promote sporting activity, setting a good example for new employees and pointing out the benefits. Many people think that working in transport and a healthy lifestyle are incompatible. Nothing could be further from the truth! Proof that you can is the activity of our employees. In one of our branches near Szczecin, employees have formed the Galan Logistics Team. What are the reasons for sports activity? “First of all, motivation and passion. We inspire each other and have fun at the same time.” – emphasises Raik Irmer, Key Account Manager Galan Logistics.

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